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We are always pleased to receive your comments. These are a selection of recent comments.

Dream vacation

D & J Families

"Thank you so much for a wonderful week. The trip was fantastic and was truly the dream vacation we had hoped for. We will remember it and you always."

D & J Families, Virginia, Grand Harry Potter Tour

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"Everyone involved had a marvelous time and it truly was a grand adventure"

DQ, CA, Whisky tour

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"You folks organized an excellent itinerary - the departure from plan was also excellent... good places to stay (the mash tun stands out!), good food and, of course, excellent whiskey."

RV , CA, Whisky tour

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Experience of a lifetime

J, L & N

"You made our vacation experience of a lifetime even better with your good humor and wit. Thank you so much for ensuring that we had a fantastic time! As promised I've attached a photo...definitely the best group shot of the trip. Add it to your collection of happy clients!"

J, L & N, Detroit, London to Scotland tour

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Great Trip


"I had to email you to thank you for the great trip around Scotland. Everyone has given me extremely positive comments about the Castle/Whisky Tour that you took us on. All the hotels were amazing, and planned sites were fantastic, and even the unplanned stops."

LV, TX, Castles and Whisky Tour

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I am writing


I am writing to let you know that the Classic Scotland tour that I and 2 friends when on recently to visit distilleries on Islay was a resounding success.

MA, Aus, Islay Whisky Tour

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It was a great trip and thank you again

F Family

"I want to reiterate that we all had a fantastic time on our trip and you were a large part of that. You did an amazing job dragging us out of the pubs for our afternoon travels. We wanted to have a good time with family, learn about our heritage and have a few single malts. I believe the mission was accomplished. It was a great trip and thank you again."

F Family, Texas, Whisky Tour

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New friends


"The guide made the trip memorable and very enjoyable. By trips end I had a new friend."

BC, Texas, Platinum North Tour

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"Your guide was a fountain of facts on Scotland as well as useful suggestions for alternative plans.  Memories we obtained on this trip are priceless!"

ZP, WV, Sightseeing Tour

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Thank you

K & K

"Thank You for a nice tour along distilleries at the speyside. We enjoyed coming away from work and spending days in a relaxing tour."

K & K, Sweden , Speyside Whisky Tour

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We had a very enjoyable time

A & I

"Thank you very much for arranging our tour to Scotland. We had a very enjoyable time and found our guide to be excellent. His knowledge of Scotland was impressive. Irene and I have already had discussions about a return trip to Scotland to explore the areas we missed on this trip. Don't be surprised to hear from us again in the future."

A & I, California, Highlands Tour

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We had an amazing trip

P Family

"Just writing to let you know we had an amazing trip. Everything went as you had planned. I cannot imagine trying to do such a trip on our own. In the time allowed we were able to see so much more by having the blue badge guides. They know where they are going when driving and are able to point out highlights along the way. Thank you so much and I will surely be in touch when we return."

P Family, Nova Scotia, London / Scotland Hiking Tour

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We loved


"We loved both tours!!! The guides were fantastic."

JB, CA, Scotland & Wales

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We made it home


"We made it home safely. Thank you so much for the tour. We appreciated your knowledge and flexibility in adapting the tour to our spontaneous whisky interests."

MG, PA, Whisky / sightseeing

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We will definitely use your company again


"Thank you for finalizing all the work for our trip to the Highlands. Our guide was a wonderful driver, so polite and interesting and went out of his way to make our trip to Scotland so enjoyable. he drove us to places off the beaten path and told us so much history and interesting stories. We laughed a lot and absorbed the richness of the Scottish culture, traditions and scenic beauty. Our hotels were excellent. We will return to Scotland in the future to experience more beauty and definitely use your company again."

C, New Jersey, Clan Tour

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Words could never be enough to thank you...

H & C

"Our goal was to see as many different areas on our visit and I think we accomplished just that. Words could never be enough to thank you for the trip of a lifetime. When we think of you, we will be forever grateful... Thank you again."

H & C, Tennessee, Scotland Tour

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