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Frequently asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions. If we haven't answered your query, please either contact us via email or telephone.


What if we need to cancel our booking?

For full details of our cancellation policy, please read the ‘Terms and conditions’.


What is the minimum number of people required to take part in a tour?

Tours can be for any group size from 1 person to over 50 people.

Do you do tours for large groups?

Groups are normally regarded as over 20 people. We recommend early booking where multiple hotel rooms are required.

Do you arrange tours for families with young children?

We welcome family groups. When booking a tour, please ensure that you have specified the type of room(s) required and if you require extra beds/cots. Under UK regulations any children that are older than three and younger than twelve, but shorter than 4'5" or 135cm must use a child seat or a booster cushion to travel in a car.


What type of accommodation will we be staying in?

All of our tours are personally planned for each of our clients. We give clients the opportunity to stay in a wide range of accommodation, from B&Bs to 5* hotels, castles and spas. All of the accommodation we use is of a high standard.

Do we have to eat at the hotel in the evenings?

Dinner is not included in the cost of your tour unless you have specified that it should be. Guides will be able to inform clients of the best local restaurants. Where your hotel is in an isolated location, a table will have been reserved for you in their restaurant.

Are family rooms available?

Not all hotels have family rooms. Some may have suites or adjoining rooms, but availability varies, particularly if you are staying in remote locations. Many hotels are very old buildings with rooms that are not large enough to allow for family rooms. We will ensure that the rooms booked for you meet your needs and will discuss the various options at the time of booking.

Who pays for the rooms and when?

Your accommodation is generally included in our package. The rooms will have been pre-paid before your arrival or the guide will have a voucher.

Is breakfast included?

Breakfast is always included in your tour package. This may be a continental type breakfast or a cooked meal, depending on the hotel.

Will we have our own bathroom?

All of the accommodation included in your package will have en-suite bathroom facilities. In some hotels, the bathroom may contain only a shower, handbasin and toilet. If you require a bathtub, please advise in the planning stages so that we can ensure that appropriate rooms are allocated to you.

Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

Please advise at the time of booking if you have any dietary or other requirements, so that hotels can be informed in advance of your arrival.


Will we have access to the internet at our hotels?

This varies. Most hotels have Wi-fi available but some rural hotel may not. If you require internet please check with us.


How do you create the itineraries?

All itineraries are customized to meet the requirements of our clients. They are planned at the pace you require and incorporate the sights and attractions you desire. We will prepared one itinerary and one revision free of charge. Subsequent itineraries will be charged with the cost taken off the tour when booked.

At what stage is availability confirmed?

Availability is confirmed at the time of booking.

Where do tours start from?

Tours can start or finish at any location within the UK, as specified by you. We collect clients from all of the UK airports.

How many attractions are included per day?

The number of attractions included in your personal itinerary will depend upon the pace you specify, the time you wish to start and end each day (see ‘Typical Day’ below), whether you like to stop for lunch and the distances between locations. On average, tours have around 3 attractions per day.

The UK is a small country, why are travelling times so long?

The UK has a population of almost 60 million people and the roads are busy, particularly at peak times. Many roads in the picturesque areas are very windy and narrow and often have just one lane for two way traffic.

We wish to extend our stay before or after the tour. Can you book the hotels and include them in the itinerary?

We frequently book pre and post tour hotels for our clients.


Please note that unless otherwise specified, your driver guide will be English speaking. Guides fluent in other languages are available on request.


How much luggage can I bring?

Most clients bring one large suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. Clients are asked to bear in mind the size of their group and therefore the size of the vehicle used. Many UK hotels do not have elevators, so luggage may have to be taken to rooms via staircases.

What clothes should I bring?

Clients are advised to bring a waterproof coat and several layers of clothing at any time of year as the weather can be very changeable, even in the summer. It is also advisable to bring sturdy footwear as many of the attractions will require walking on uneven ground. Most restaurants and hotels will accept casual clothing. Some fine dining establishments may require gentlemen to wear a jacket and tie.


How much cash should I bring?

ATMs are very widely available throughout the UK and there is no need to bring large quantities of UK currency.

Should I bring traveller’s cheques?

Travellers cheques are difficult to cash and not advised. Also, exchange rate for travellers cheques is not as good as using an ATM.

Will our Credit Cards accepted in the UK?

Most major credit cards are accepted in hotels and shops in the UK. (Some may not accept American Express Cards). Some pubs and small restaurants may not accept credit cards.


What is included in the package price?

Generally our packages include the following: Accommodation with breakfast, luxury vehicle and all related costs such as fuel and parking, fully qualified driver guide and all expenses, all local taxes. Entrances to attractions are not included unless specified on the itinerary.

Once we have received a price, for how long is the price valid?

The price quoted for a tour is valid for 14 days from the date it was received.

Why are there no prices on the website?

As all our tours are customised, prices are not given on our website as the cost per person. The cost will depend upon the number of people on the tour, the type of accommodation chosen, the cost of the rooms at a particular time of year and what you wish to be included (eg entrances to attractions, theatre tickets and pre/post tour hotels).


Do I need a passport/visa?

Passports are required by all foreign nationals visiting the UK. Passports do not need to be shown at the borders between England, Scotland and Wales, but they will need to be shown if you travel to the Republic of Ireland. Passports will be required if your tour incorporates internal flights. Please refer to www.ukvisas.gov.uk for information on visas.


When should we pay the deposit and final payment for our tour?

On booking we ask for a 15% deposit or a minimum of £100.00 per person. If you are booking within eight weeks (56 days) of the start of the holiday, the total price will be due upon confirmation of your tour.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept MasterCard, Visa credit and debit cards. American Express and Corporate cards will incur a 2% handling charge.

We can also accept checks and wire transfers in UK £ Sterling (GBP).

Are your prices in UK £ Sterling or dollars?

We are based in the UK and accept payments from countries throughout the world so payment in in our local currency.

Is my money safe once I have booked a tour?

Leisure Creations Limited is registered with the Travel Trust Association www.traveltrust.co.uk . All client funds are protected through a Trust Account (escrow) operated by an independent trustee. Client funds remain in this account and cannot be released without consent of the Trustees, which cannot be given until the relevant tour is completed and applicable financial procedures followed.

How will we receive confirmation of our booking?

Once we have our completed booking form and the booking tour hotels and other relevant parts completed, we will email a confirmation detailing the srvcies included and an invoice which details the payment required.


Will I be able to charge my phone and camera in the UK?

The UK electrical supply is at 240V and an appropriate adaptor will be required to charge your electrical appliances.


When do the tours start?

Tours may start on any day. Most of our tours have no set departure date and are planned around your individual requirements. Many of the attractions you may wish to visit are only open on specific days of the week. When planning your tour we will do our best to ensure that your itinerary reflects the opening times of attractions.

Are departures guaranteed?

Very occasionally departures may be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances such as heavy snow, airport closures etc. We recommend that our clients take out appropriate travel insurance (see below).


Who should we tip during the tour?

Tips are not normally required when eating in a pub where there is no waitress service. In restaurants and taxis it is normal to give a tip of 10-15%. Bellboys will expect a tip. Guide tipping entirely at the discretion of those taking part on the tour.


Do we need travel insurance?

We recommend that clients take out travel insurance to cover them in the event of a need to cancel their tour or for any illness which may occur during their time in the UK.

What precautions should I take when travelling in the UK?

The UK is a safe country to visit with a low crime rate. In large cities you need to take the same precautions as you would in any other city in the world.


How long is a typical day’s touring?

The length of each day varies according to our clients wishes. Generally our guides work from 9.00am to 5.30pm although there is flexibility as some days will involve large distances and later arrival at your hotel.

What time will we be picked up from our hotel each day?

You should arrange this with your guide at the end of each day. Where clients need to catch early flights at an airport, the guide will pick you up at whatever time is necessary to ensure that you are on time.

What is the cost of lunch and dinner and where will we eat?

Your guide will be able to inform you of the best options for lunch and dinner at any location. You will need to discuss your preferences with the guide so that he/she knows whether you like a quick snack or a fine restaurant. The cost of a meal in a pub is usually around £10-£15 per person for a main course. Dinner in a fine restaurant can be more than £50 per person.

What if we need some free time to shop or relax?

Free time can be built into your itinerary. Our guides are very flexible and if you decide you need free time during the tour, you should let them know.

What if we change our plans during the tour?

Our guides will do all they can to ensure that you enjoy your vacation. Attractions and itineraries can be changed subject to opening times, distances etc. Please note however that it is not possible for guides to change hotels.


What weather should I expect during my tour?

Autumn (September - November) - In Autumn there can be very warm days, but equally there can be very cold ones too! Temperatures fluctuate around the 7 to 14 degrees Centigrade (45F to 60F) mark but are likely to be much warmer in September than November.

Winter (December - early March) - Winter sees Britain's shortest and coldest days (about 7-8 hours of daylight) but these can be crisp and bright. Temperatures fluctuate from around 1 to 5 degrees Centigrade (33F to 40F).

Spring (March - May) - In Spring, you might enjoy wonderful sunny weather but then, it might equally be cold and wet. Temperatures fluctuate from around 6 to 11 degrees Centigrade. (42F to 54F). May can have very warm days - up to about 18 degrees Centigrade.

Summer (June - August) - Most days in summer are warm, but evenings can be cool. Temperatures average around 14 - 20 degrees Centigrade, (58F - 70F) although it can be up to around 28 degrees Centigrade ( 82F) on some days. Temperatures higher than this are very unusual.

There is quite a difference in temperature between Scotland and Southern England. Generally, the further north, the colder it is likely to be.

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